National Foodies Day – May 9th
Celebrate with us!

National Foodies Day is for all foodies to come together to celebrate!

People who are passionate about food have kindred spirits. Foodies can strike up a conversation about the shared love of good food anytime, anywhere. You can find that common ground instantly, swapping stories about your favorite Italian joint or burger spot. You might even talk about your go-to wine pairings or signature cocktails. Nowadays, the foodie craze has grown to encompass a wide range of culinary styles and cuisines. It only makes sense to have a whole day set aside dedicated to celebrating those who love food!

And let’s not forget that great food is also about the social aspect. Enjoying a meal with friends is by far the best, but even sharing our photos and thoughts about food we’ve experienced over social media is a huge part of a Foodie’s life. There is so much food love out there, we need a day to get away from the hum-drum of quick, weeknight dinners and revel in the gloriousness of our culinary wonders. Hey, we can’t live without food. We might as well make sure it’s good.

Restaurants Celebrate National Foodies Day

If you are a restaurant owner, you can help us celebrate too! Get the word out there by offering a special item dedicated to National Foodies Day, a prix fixe menu, or create a one-of-a-kind cocktail. Get funky with it – make it as over the top as possible. Embrace your fellow foodies and show them how much their support means to you!

Restaurants around the country celebrate National Foodies Day by running week-long promotions and creating special off-the-menu items that appeal to true foodies.

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Foodies Celebrate with Parties & Cookouts

Foodies unite! Throw a block party! Host a progressive dinner! Go out and support a local restaurant with a group of friends. It wouldn’t be National Foodies Day if we didn’t share a fabulous meal together. So get out there and eat, drink and be fabulous!


We all know being a Foodie is not limited to dining out at fantastic local spots. Embrace your inner Foodie by whipping up some masterful recipes. But don’t keep them to yourself! Share with us!

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Foodie Links

Any food blogger would tell you it takes a lot of time and effort to blog about anything. It’s definitely a passion project. Whether it’s posts of homemade creations or great dining they’ve experienced, we appreciate your hard work, and we want to spread the love! Submit your link for your Food Blog, Food Magazine or Recipe site and we are happy to feature it.

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Why National Foodies Day?

You may be asking yourself, why National Foodies Day? Yes, there are a million and one national holidays out there, all ranging from National Puppy Day (aw!) to Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day (I mean, what??). Well, being a Foodie is no small feat, and it’s a practically a full-time job in and of itself. So it only seems fair to have a holiday to celebrate one of the fastest growing and passionate groups of people out there – Foodies! By definition, a Foodie is a person who has a fervent interest in food and drink. But it’s not simply about the food, or eating out of convenience or hunger. Foodies are looking for a truly unique food experience. Give us whimsy, give us adventure! Don’t just serve us a yummy meal; delight our senses and take us down a road of unparalleled delights.