National Foodies Day was created by St. Petersburg Foodies. While Lori Brown and Kevin Godbee, the Co-Founders and Publishers of St. Petersburg Foodies, decided to concentrate on their foodies hometown, they wanted to have a way for all foodies to come together.

There are literally hundreds of national food holidays—more than one per day on many days of the year—most of them made up by John-Bryan Hopkins of Foodimentary.

Here’s what happened.

One of the local sponsoring restaurants of, Tryst on Beach Drive in St. Pete, wanted to co-host an event with Kevin & Lori. They wanted the event to be during the month of May. Kevin thought they should come up with a theme or reason to have the event, and started looking at the Foodimentary calendar. May is National Barbecue Month and National Hamburger Month, and those were the first two considerations. Then we took even greater inspiration from Mr. Hopkins of Foodimentary by making up our own holiday.

We really turned up the heat (pun intended) when we checked GoDaddy and found out that no one had registered Godbee likes to quip; “By the powers vested in me by the Internet, I have created National Foodies Day.”

Why May 9th? Two reasons: 1. Tryst chose May for the St. Petersburg Foodies Event timing, and 2. May 9, 2015 was the day that Lori created the Facebook Group, St. Petersburg Foodies Restaurant Reviews. It was just for fun at the time, but a year and four months later, it kicked off their business together.

We now call on all Foodies—Restaurants, Home Cooks, & Backyard Barbecuers to celebrate with us on May 9th each year.