Have fun and test your foodies knowledge with this fun foodies quiz. There are 25 questions.

1. What are microgreens?


Above photo: Micro Kolrahbi at Brick Street Farms, St. Petersburg, FL by Davis Jasmin

2. What is a mortar and pestle used for?


3. What is Hollandaise sauce?

Photo by Davis Jasmin from https://stpetersburgfoodies.com/

4. What does it mean to “temper” something?

5. What is the cooking temperature of rare for steak?

St. Petersburg Foodies

6. What is a Julep?

7. What is the main difference between copper and stainless steel cookware?

8. If a large party is dining out, when is it proper for people to start eating?

9. What is Cacciatore?

10. What is the difference between Prosecco and Champagne?

11. What is a roux?

12. What type of dessert is Crème brûlée?

13. What is the cooking technique of braising?

St. Pete Foodies / Stillwaters Tavern

14. What is Branzino?

15. What is the difference between crayfish and crawfish?

16. What does it mean to macerate something?

17. What is the difference between New York style pizza and Chicago style pizza?

18. What’s the first thing you should do when seated at a restaurant?

19. What is Piccata?

20. What is Scamp Grouper often referred to as?

St. Pete Foodies / Tryst

21. What is yuca?

22. What kind of soup is bisque?

23. What is a Mexican Tamale?

24. What is a mandoline?

25. What is charcuterie?